Liberty Fitness, Inc. is now offering tumbling classes!

  • Tumbleweeds is a 45 min. Parent Participation class.  The age is 3-5 yrs.  The parent will stay with their child working on various skills prepared by the instructor.  The instructor will also work one on one with each of the children.  This is a great way to prepare them for our bigger kids tumbling class. "Because I feel that it is so easy for the younger children to get distracted by their surroundings and very hard for me to keep their attention for the short time I have  chosen to do a “Closed Class” .  By closed class we will only be allowing 1 adult participant  and the enrolled child in the training area. I think this will make it easier for me to keep their attention and give them the tumbling experience that you are paying for." ~ Chris Alson
  • We also offer Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Tumbling. To ensure proper placement in these courses, your child must come in for placement prior to enrollment.

My name is Christopher Alson, I am 46 years old. I started teaching gymnastics while I was attending San Joaquin Delta Committee College at the age of 19. I have worked at numerous clubs in the central California area as well as the central coast. I have taught toddler to elite competitive level as well as worked with developmentally disable and those with Cerebral Palsy helping to develop motor skills and body awareness. I originally taught traditional gymnastics but expanded my instruction to include Acro and Rhythmic gymnastics while working  at USAEG (United States Academy of Elite Gymnastics). I have also managed a club for USAEG in Modesto California. My family moved to Fernley October of 2014. Since that time I have been involved in the local committee and am the neighborhood watch block captain for my area. Some of you may have seen me around town dressed as the Tiki Man waving at traffic for fund raisers. In my spare time I love to carve wood and have a love for Island culture and modern primitivism.

My philosophy is simple. I believe that it is essential for children to develop good motor skills and body awareness through the practice of gymnastics. Although there are many forms of physical activity that are wonderful, gymnastics focuses on the person and their ability to lift their own weight, understand physics and how body mechanics work hand in hand, develop problem solving skills, and compete with themselves instead of relying on a team to accomplish their goal. Gymnastics is simple and helps to build not only a strong body but mind as well. I look forward to being your gymnastics instructor and being a member of Liberty Fitness, Inc.

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